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1. How can Back to Sea Paper Straw go back to sea?

Back to Sea Paper Straw is only made of Kraft Pulp Paper and Agar based glue.

With no man made chemical included, it makes it perfectly harmless to Earth when disposed.

After disposal, it only takes up to 180 days decompose; while plastic straw takes up to 500 years. 

2. Is Back to Sea Straw gluten free?

Back to Sea Paper Straw doesn't consist of Gluten. 

3. What beverage can I drink with Back to Sea Paper Straw?

Back to Sea Paper Straw is advised to drink cold beverages.

4. How long does Back to Sea Paper Straw last?

Back to Sea Paper Straw lasts up to 7 hours in water.

It may last relatively shorter in carbonated beverages.

5. Can I print my company logo on the straw?

Yes. We can print your company logo on the wrapper of each straw.

Single color is available for printing. 

Contact us for more information.

6. Can I purchase in wholesale?

Yes. Please click here to fill in your information and request a formal quote.

A representative will reach you shortly.

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