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The strongest paper straw that lasts long,

and the safest for Earth and us.

Discover more about the only straw that can go back to sea.


Back to Sea Agar Straw

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We use 500 million single use plastic straws everyday knowing it is fatal.


But as one of our daily necessities, it's nearly impossible to not use one.

From our morning coffee, take out lunch, to late afternoon refreshment, the demand goes on. Plastic straws are among the top 10 contributors to marine debris pollution. It takes forever to breakdown into smaller microplastics instead of biodegrading completely. What if it ends up in the ocean? It stays there forever, literally.

This is why states around the coast are pushing forward a strict regulation to stop the use of plastic straws. Six states have already passed the bill to ban plastic straw, with two more states on its way. Although the regulations are not strictly enforced at this point, it is inevitable for small and big business owners to switch into alternative straws. Besides, if you must switch it anyway, why not with a good cause?

There are other alternatives to plastic straws, such as plant based compostable plastic straws, reusable stainless, bamboo and glass straws. In most cases, they require a hassle to visit a facility to recycle or clean upon single use, all while you're running a busy business. Honestly, who has time for this? 

Here's where we came up with Back to Sea Agar Straw;

a straw that is eco-friendly, safe to use, strong enough to last for hours and most importantly, affordable.

Back to Sea Agar Straw is made with Kraft paper with Agar as binding agent, which allows it to be everything as below:

1. Back to Sea Agar Straw is Strong

Agar is a sea plant, which hardens the paper and holds up the straw, making it less soggy than even after hours of use. With our specialized skill, we use Agar binding agent in both the surface of the paper and in between each paper. On the surface of the paper, it works as a light coating that keeps the paper strong. In between the paper, it works as an adhesive, holding up the straw up to 7 hours.  

Back to Sea Agar Straw
Competitor Brand
Cold Drinks
and Shakes
Lasts up to 7 hours
Doesn't get soggy, remains firm
Lasts up to 7 hours
Doesn't get soggy, remains firm
Lasts up to 5 hours
Gets soggy over time
Lasts up to 5 hours
Dismantles over time

2. Back to Sea Agar Straw is Safe

Back to Sea Agar Straw includes all natural ingredients. Chlorine-free and Bleach-free Kraft paper and Agar binding agent. Without any chemical substance, it is safe for patients, elderly and even children to chew on. Other competing brand using water based glue consist of certain amount of chemical to bind the paper strongly, which could overall be harmful to people.

You can easily check this by burning a straw with a lighter. With straws that use chemical in its glue, you may sense the smell of chemical burning, On the other hand, with Back to Sea Agar Straw, you may sense nothing but only the smell of paper burning. Through the test result conducted by Korea Advanced Food Research Institute, you can see that no toxic chemical was discovered. 

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3. Back to Sea Agar Straw is Eco-friendly

Back to Sea Agar Straw decomposes within 180 days under soil. With no need to pay an extra visit to the composting facility, or to go through an extra burdensome recycling process, Back to Sea Agar Straw just needs to be thrown away in the garbage bin and you're done! With no chemical included, when it is buried waiting to be part of the soil again, it doesn't release any toxic to the ground. This straw making it completely safe for both Earth and us. Convenience and environmentally friendly at the same time! 

4. Back to Sea Agar Straw is Cost Effective

We can't say it is cheaper than plastic straw. But, with our own factory located in South Korea, we have found a way to manufacture the safe, strong and environmentally friendly straw in a much lower price than our existing competitors. Compared to other competitor's price, you can save up to 50%!


It lasts up to 7 hours in water

and doesn't get soggy easily.



No chemical is added.

No toxic is leaked to the sea.

It can decompose within 180 days



Chlorine free, bleach free kraft pulp paper and natural sea plant glue are used only. It is safe for both Earth and us.



Company name can be printed

on the wrapper of each straw.

Single color use only available. 



Tested and approved to be in compliance

with FDA test method 21 CFR 176.170



Meticulously manufactured in S.Korea, by skilled professionals.



Gelidiumamansii lamouroux.png

Agar, Gelidiumamansii Lamouroux, is a special sea plant.

When Agar is liquified, it creates a sticky slime, which becomes a naturally formed adhesive. ​ 

Strong up to 7 hours

Agar adhesive hardens the paper, which makes it less soggy.

By holding up paper strongly, it allows the straw to last long for utmost 7 hours. 

Safe for All

As chemical free natural Agar is the only substance used for glue, it doesn’t release any toxic to Earth when disposed. 

It also makes Back to Sea straw the safest straw even for sensitive people, such as children and patients.

Certified Patent

Patent of Agar based adhesive on paper straw is registered in S.Korea. It is also on the process of registering in the United States.


The strongest and safest

paper straw,

Back to Sea Agar Straw

Agar Based Glue

The Time is Now

It's not an easy decision to suddenly make a change on something we feel so natural to us. It costs money, time, effort and sometimes disagreement from others. But one day, not long from now, this new adaptation will become the norm and you'll be the one that has led the change.

We urge you to take a step to start this adaptation with us.

For new future, new earth. 

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