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roasted dark barley tea, is a beloved drink in S.Korea.

The deep earthy flavor of BLACK BORI comes from the high quality dark barley extract brewed by experts in Korea, with love and care as the ones of our mothers.

There was a time when Korea was suffering to recover from the damage of war continuing for years. As the only affordable food source, barley was one of the main food source instead of white plain rice. Still not enough for all the families to eat, mothers would solve their meal by brewing the leftover barley. This became the start of BLACK BORI. 

Most of the people now remembers BLACK BORI as a cold drink they enjoyed as a child after school. Just in time for their children to return from school, mothers brewed barley water hours ahead and let it cool. Reminiscing this past, BLACK BORI has always reminded us mother's love. 

Dark Barley from Jeolla

BLACK BORI uses the one and only Dark Barley raised in Haenam and Gochang, Jeonla province of S.Korea, to brew the deep roasted flavor. 

Unlike any other barley, Dark Barley has a darker color with deeper nutty flavor and extra health benefit.

Dark Barley offers higher level of natural Anthocyanin, which is known as a powerful antioxidant substance. 

With a decade long research and carefully cultivated by the Korean government, Dark Barley can only be found in Haenam and Gochang. 

By brewing the Dark Barley extract, BLACK BORI offers a special exclusiveness to people who deserve the difference. 

Next Level Tea

BLACK BORI is not just about its great taste. Like no other tea with infused health function substances, BLACK BORI is all natural with its health function.

With extra amount of mineral and fiber, BLACK BORI contains naturally occurring 'Anthocyanin'.

Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant substance, widely known to help protect the body from free radicals which damage cells. The naturally occurring BLACK BORI's antioxidant amount is much higher than other similar teas.



BLACK BORI is best enjoyed in both cold and hot temperature. 

Cooled BLACK BORI will give you the fresh and coolness on hot days.

Warm BLACK BORI will give you the cozy warmth and heat you need on cold nights.


The mild nutty flavor makes BLACK BORI an excellent drink with any type of food. 

Without disrupting the taste of food, BLACK BORI naturally blends in,
while providing the hydration you need. 


BLACK BORI has No Caffeine, No Artificial Colors and is unsweetened.

With only roasted dark barley extract and water as its ingredients, it gives a natural earthy taste you've been looking for. 

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No Caffeine

No Sugar

No Artificial Chemical


Only Natural Ingredient Straight from Earth

Light version

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